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Buying a house, buying a home, is a roller coaster of a ride- thrilling and full of danger and very satisfying. I can help you with the process.

Over the last 20+ years, I have helped lots of folks buy real estate: Mostly personal homes but some residential lots, some large tracts and one farm.

I consider myself a kind of teacher, a consultant, and an adviser. My belief is that I need to help you know what you need to know even if you don’t know you need to know it. Whew. Say that fast three times. My clients have ranged from young pups just out of school with very little money to “early retirees” with high fixed incomes to just the kind of people we all have for friends and neighbors.

My philosophy of sales has been to turn the process on its head. Instead of me “selling” a home, buyers were buying a home through me. My emphasis was, and continues to be, on the people, not the property. The years have taught me that, except for the very experienced buyer, most people are not that familiar with the entire buying process.


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