Great Lessons Learned

Ramblings:  Contrary to the rumors around town I am NOT retired.  I have slowed down and am working from home but I am still available to help friends, neighbors and past clients as well as their referred friends.   Contact me as you always have and I’ll continue to “Be on your side.”

Latest lesson learned:   Just because the house looks fabulous, is fairly new and “feels good,” is no guarantee of a good home inspection.  Wow— the latest purchase had a dryer vent that had come loose—unbeknown to the sellers—and had been pouring moist warm air into the sealed crawl space for who knows how long…. Yikes—it took several thousand dollars of the sellers money later and lots more time than originally thought before my clients were in their new Polson home.  This was one of those transactions that reminded me of why I became an exclusive buyers broker.  Hard work + knowledge = success for my clients.

I am including portions of my booklet “How to Buy a Home” on my website if you’d like to read it.   I am currently editing and updating it. You could purchase the whole thing from Amazon or from   I have been accused of being “too folksy” but that is my way.  I would love to hear reviews of the work, including constructive criticism.

Something to know:   IF homes continue to sell at same rate as now.

Market absorption rate (MAR) = This is the kind of figure that is used by economic soothsayers to forecast recovery.

All “solds” divided by the amount of time—297/11 months = 27 per month avg

All “actives” divided by that amount— 259/27= 9.59 months for all to sell

There is less inventory and things are selling faster.  There are a lot more houses listed above $300,000 than below.  In fact almost 70% of all listings are for more than $300,000.  Quite a change from when I first started gathering these figures back in the 90’s and I had to split up the categories less than $200,000 into many levels, since most of the inventory was below $300,000.

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THANK YOU !  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  My business is built on referrals.    Perhaps you know of someone thinking of moving to this area.  I would be delighted to send them a package of information about Lake County and my services.  Or maybe you know someone who already lives here that is ready to buy real estate.  Since you already know how I work, let them know and have them contact me.