First Time Buyers:
Those with the least amount of knowledge about buying real estate. They need the counseling help with the search, selection, and offer negotiation that is provided by an experienced agent who has no other real estate agency ties.

Newcomers to the Area:
People who are unfamiliar with the local real estate market, customs or conditions. They need a local resident who will look out for their interests to the exclusion of all others.

Those with little time
Those with little time to spend looking for property: Having someone working for you ahead of your visit can really save you time once you have the time to spend looking.

Those with very specific housing needs
Those with very specific housing needs, narrow price range or special financing requirements.

Qualified buyers
Qualified buyers will know that the full market is open to them, including properties which may not be listed.

Experienced Buyers:
They have purchased enough property in the past to know that they want someone who will be representing them 100%.

Those who want an agent who has experience,
Those who want an agent who has experience, training, and education in this specialized field.