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Contrary to the rumors around town I am NOT retired. I have slowed down and am working from home but I am still available to help friends, neighbors and past clients as well as their referred friends. Contact me as you always have and I’ll continue to “Be on your side.”

Since I last communicated with you through a newsletter I
have written and self-published a booklet: How to Buy a
Home—the short form. Available from Amazon or from my website:
I have been accused of being “too folksy” but that is my way. I would love to hear reviews of the work, including constructive criticism. Because it is an e-book I can make changes very quickly. Latest lesson learned– in this rising sellers market, I am going to be requesting that lenders order appraisals as soon as the seller accepts the offer.

I found to my chagrin that appraisers are really slammed right now and that it can take up to a month just to get into their schedule. I have always held off asking the lender to order the appraisal until after the home inspection since there might be a concern that could lead to cancelling the purchase contract and I didn’t want my clients obligated to pay for an appraisal completed before the inspection. In this market, however, the better strategy would be to go ahead and order -accepting that the lender might have to cancel the order if there were inspection concerns. At least we would hold our place in the appraiser’s appointment book.

If I am to protect the interests of my buyers it is important for me to carefully think through all the pitfalls that stand between my clients and the property they want to buy.

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Residential Property Sales

The market figures are only for residential properties and only in the major Lake County areas. The information is from the NW MT Multiple Listing Service but the math is mine… remember that I am no math wizard.!

Until all the foreclosures and short sales are gone we will not have a “normal” market. We still have quite a few to go. BUT: People are still buying and selling property as they always have. It's all part of the cycle just like the stock market. (Remember DOM figures may not reflect the total time a property has been on the market.).

A “short sale” occurs when the lender is willing to take less in satisfaction of the mortgage than what is actually owed. It is a lengthy process both as a homeowner or to buy a property that is in “short sale status.” Call me if you have questions and I’ll try to answer.

Let me know if you want to look at foreclosures or short sale properties. There are special considerations and sometimes very specific restrictions.


Ramblings ——– What a roller coaster year.
The real estate market continued to be shaky for sellers. It was a great time to buy for my clients and several did. A couple retiring from Washington were able to buy a home for the future with a killer view north. Two first time home buyers were able to buy for less monthly outlay than they when they were renting. In one instance my client was able to get the horse property she had been hoping for for years.

It just takes a bit more effort than in the past. There’s more detective work involved, both in checking out the property itself as well as trying to figure out
how to even contact the current owner– in cases of pre-foreclosure.

I decided to move my operations to my Jette Lake home office and make trips into town when needed. As of this month, I’ve made the move. Of course,
moving out of a 12 year occupancy wasn’t a matter of twitching my nose. I’m
still sorting through boxes but I am up and running. The dreaded flu occupied
most of three weeks during the organizing time so I’m using that as a excuse for the chaos. I can mostly put my hands on something right away.
I am also taking some time for myself in February—after the first Flathead International

Film Festival (Feb 1-3) - a great time for new film makers (including high school kids)—anyway after that I’m headed south to Arizona until March.
I can still be reached on my cell or by email but be prepared for the splashing of pool water. I’m still on your side, I’m just not right there 24/7 in February.
Smiles.. Cindy

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